WildQuest Dolphin Retreat with Shé D’Montford on Bimini Island, Bahamas

Dolphins, in myth are often rescuers of humans, bringing them back to the surface. ‘Resurface and Breath’ is the centre of dolphin magick. Re-centre & Re-Surface from whatever it is you are drowning under and find your joy again. Dolphins do indeed purposely rescue people in danger. Dolphins have been safeguarding and teaching humans for millennia. ‘White Dolphin Dreaming in Australia. In ancient Greece, Poseidon sent a dolphin to save his son from a shipwreck. For the ancient Romans, dolphins were in charge of bringing the souls of the dead to the ‘Islands of the Blessed’ The wise have always related these animals to mystical processes of life, death, and resurrection. It was terrible luck to harm a dolphin but great luck to see one. You were blessed by the gods if have a personal encounter or become surrounded by a playful pod.

Let Me Share This Blessing of the Gods With You.

A once in a life time trip to change your life and the way that you look at your place in the world in relation to our animal brothers and sisters.

Dolphin wisdom begins with learning to live immersed in joy.  Plunge freely into these safe crystalline waters.  These are the world’s clearest, bluest waters, where you will meet and have fun, hanging out with the ocean’s smartest, most sociable animals.

“Wildquest was truly spectacular . I had the best week of my life…”

Meeting dolphins in the wild, on their own terms, is magical. An instant plug-in to being in the ‘here and now’. A re-connection with your own joy.

It’s our joy to make it so, so easy for you. We take care of every detail. WildQuest with Shé D’Montford is a gathering of like minded heroic souls that quickly becomes a ‘human pod’. Where you can find a place to belong.
“…I am a 48 yr old single woman. I love life. I enjoy life but have always wanted to swim with wild dolphins. When u see the website and videos, its like ‘Yeh that would be nice but bet its not real.”   Well it is!!! ITS REAL…”

‘Embark upon a spiritual journey discovering your animal totems and animal communication within a relaxing mix of sailing open seas, dolphin swims, healthy delicious food (organic when possible) a laid-­back Retreat Centre for chilling out and enjoying the program of the week. Designed to re-­connect you with your own body, so you can connect with the dolphins when they come to greet you.

    “…Very real. From the moment we went out in the boat we saw wild dolphins. They swim right up to the boat, you get in the water and they come right up to you. They check you out, look at you, swim around you, alongside you, with you. Its amazing…”

 WildQuest with Shé D’Montford is an uplifting, gentle, adventure where you will bond with new friends, dolphin and human. This WildQuest retreat with Shé D’Montford includes Four(4) Animal Communication, Animal Totems and Psychic Development workshops. Additionally, each person will receive a personal private session/healing/reading with Shé D’Montford. These amazing extras are valued at over $1000.


Happy, Healing & Harmonious

“. ..I stayed there Sept 2013. …the experience was life changing for me …  and for everyone….”

C72C374A-D7E3-47CA-AEDE-285DAF17B81D This is a sacred journey & a retreat with Shé D’Montford  Kind, knowledgeable, full of heart and very friendly. Shé has the abilty to change people. On this trip Shé will reconnect you with the oceans, the source of life. Shé was the bikini girl on the Australian TV series “Flipper.” Most of us grew up dreaming of having a personal connection with  dolphins like they had on that show. Well you can.  Every day for weeks Shé was in the water with the dolphins at Sea World. Additionally, Shé has worked as a professional animal psychic with the vet from Sea World. Shé got to know dolphins quite well. Let Shé show you how you can share the dolphins secret wisdom. Shé’s one goal on this trip is to create a sacred journey into the dolphins world, for you to meet the majesty of the ocean and most importantly, the sacred within you.

“…. they  welcome you into their world, into their pod… they will come to you and swim around you. At one time, had 11 dolphins swimming all around me. It was like the best dream I ever had, BUT IT WAS REAL !…”

Yoga and Meditation are a main part of the week, (but optional if you’d rather do your own thing). Designed to relax you ready to meet the dolphins from a rested, stilled space. The easier you breathe on land and in the water, the easier it is to connect with the dolphins. Yoga is also a great way to stretch, open up, tone and strengthen the body. Your body, your beautiful vehicle on this planet, will appreciate it.

“…I had to remember to breath, it was so breathtaking! There were babies too!…

You will see transformation happen. This is far more than a memorable holiday, more than a vacation from your usual self. This experience is powerful, expansive and heartfelt. Shé D’Montoford’s workshops included in the programme will allow you to learn something new and let go of the old. There’ll be much laughter, maybe tears, great new friendships and moments you’ll never forget. This wilderness experience, is designed to re-connect you with yourself, with others, the dolphins, and all living beings in a loving supportive environment!

“…I didn’t want to ever leave. It is the only time I have felt i could be the real me…..”

Meeting the dolphins is magical. They’re just being what they really are. By example they show you how to be the same. In their presence you will find yourself letting go and blissing out. They help us plug back into our hearts. Meeting, being to being. No ego, no boundaries, pure presence. Connection. A resonance of oneness many seek through prolonged spiritual practice.

“…The people who come on this trip are different, in the best way, so life aware… after one day we were like our own pod. I have made friendships that will last through my life…”

What a delightful combination. Nurturing exercise, mindfulness, wholesome healthy food, lazy days cruising out into open, warm, aquamarine seas to find the dolphins, chilling out on a boat- full of like-minded people, with loving support from all crew.

“….The people , food, accommodation, boat, meditations, healings were all fantastic. I can’t fault one thing…… The accommodation was great. Air con, comfy bed, fridge, ensuite. Food was amazing, all healthy and tasted amazing….

This WildQuest with Shé D’Montford will leave you rejuvenated. Full again, with the joys of life and a renewed sense of connection.

Wildquest Image Credits ATMOJI@WildQuest.com

…I miss the dolphins, the people and the place so much already. I took a go-pro camera, so have loads of videos of the dolphins underwater, so so amazing !!!! will definitely go back again and again. (I’m happy to answer any questions, but beware I will talk for ages hehe….) Thank you Wildquest you are the highlight of my life xx – Barbi

This retreat is strictly limited to only 20 people – We would love to have you join us on this magical adventure, so hurry to secure your once in a life time opportunity – Early bird opportunities are available until Oct 20th 2019


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Many people know me from the hit psychic reality TV show ‘TheOne” from my You tube channel with nearly 2 million views and my blog. More people will know me from my writings and activism and getting laws changed here in Australia, some will know me from being magazine editor, Queensland business woman of the year, Australian of the year nominee, being a guest presenter at “The Parliament of The Worlds religions, or other awards I have won.

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