Shambhallah’s MABON Sabbat Celebration with Shé D’Montford


Open Solar Sabbat – All welcome. Starts at midday

Traditional Autumnal Equinox Celebration and The Day of The Celtic God Mabon.

Gather from 11.30 in the secluded corner just behind the skate park in Pimpama

Picnic Afterward – Exchange Dyed Red Eggs

Gold Coin Donation to Shambhallah to help it continue with its vital work




Many people know me from the hit psychic reality TV show ‘TheOne” from my You tube channel with nearly 2 million views and my blog. More people will know me from my writings and activism and getting laws changed here in Australia, some will know me from being magazine editor, Queensland business woman of the year, Australian of the year nominee, being a guest presenter at “The Parliament of The Worlds religions, or other awards I have won.

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